PL/SQL Developer

PL/SQL Developer 12.0

Develops stored program units for Oracle Databases
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Develop database-related tools in an integrated environment with support for syntax highlighting, debugger, code assistant, and compiler help.

Nowadays, when IT is flourishing more and more, database administrators and programmers need advanced and well-optimized tools in order to achieve their required tasks. PL/SQL Developer, an IDE that offers the tools to manipulate databases and execute scripts, was built to help guys who work in the IT industry to develop their projects.

The program's GUI can be described as intuitive and easy to use by professionals, so it's not recommended for regular desktop users. It comes with various configuration options and it allows some basic customization of the appearance. Moreover, despite not being quite easy to notice at first use, it has a user manual for any type of encountered difficulties.

Pl/SQL Developer comes with numerous useful features. It has a built-in editor that offers object descriptions, gives compiler hints, and highlights the syntax. Besides that, the Integrated Debugger offers functions as Step In, Step Over, Step Out, Run Until Exception, Breakpoints, View & Set Variables, View Call Stack, so you can debug any program unit without making any modifications to it.

Moreover, after editing table definitions or program units you can compare user objects, in order to transfer these changes to another database user. Users can also export the DLL statements using the Export User Objects tool. Other embedded features include Multi-threaded IDE, plug-in extensions, DBMS monitor, Querry builder or a DBMS scheduler.

To summarize, PL/SQL offers various and numerous features that any programmer or database administrator would love to use. The fact that table editing can be quicker, and that it sometimes freezes shouldn't stop you from giving it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Has various configuration options
  • Comes with an Integrated Debugger
  • Has a built-in editor
  • Supports export of the DLL statements


  • Some menus have too small icons
  • Has slow table editing
  • The program sometimes freezes
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